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How To Get Accelerator in NBA 2K24? In-depth Guide!

What is The Accelerator in NBA 2K24?

The accelerator takeover perk is the best one in the game by far. It boosts your player's ability to get your takeover meters faster.

Example: as a center, you need 2 dunks and 3 rebounds in quick succession to get your takeover. With the accelerator perk, that gets cut down to just 2 dunks and 1 rebound.

How do I get Accelerator Perk in NBA 2K24?

Quick explanation: to get the accelerator perk in NBA 2K24, you need to get every other takeover perk in the game, and below is an in-depth explanation on how to do it the fastest way:

Takeovers you need to get and how to get them, to get the accelerator:

Stay Warm: You need to complete 10 games in any affiliation with more than 6 field goal attempts and 80% field goal ratio. REC and City both work for this. And the minimum you're aiming for is 5/6 FGA.

Decelerator: You need to complete a 3v3 and a 5v5 scrimmage in the Chris Brickley's gym. You can do the 3v3 scrimmages on week-days (Mon-Thu) and 5v5 scrimmages on weekends (Fri-Sun).

Sponge: You will need to defeat 3 streetball bosses (the easiest ones are: Captain, Soft Serve & Disco). When playing against the bosses, make sure you put your teammates to guard them, as then you can score easy points on the weaker players. You can also win 25 affiliation games to get this perk.

Saboteur: You need to complete 2 out of 4 objectives: 40 steals in affiliation games, 40 steals in the streetball courts, 40 blocks in affiliation games, 40 blocks in streetball courts. If your player is a smaller guard, we suggest getting 40 steals in streetball games & 40 steals in the park games. If you're a center, you should get this one by just playing the game, getting lanes in the affiliation games and protecting the rim. If you wish to speed it up as a center, I suggest going into streetball courts, and protecting the rim well.

Supressor: You need to complete 2 out of 4 objectives: 50 well defended shots in either affiliations or streetball courts, 50 well defended fastbreaks in either affiliations or streetball courts. This one is a little tough one. The well defended shots should be complete by the time you get the blocks for Saboteur, you should have the shots part done in Supressor. The fastbreaks part is a little tough, we suggest going into the Sunset Park, letting the AI run the fastbreak for an easy layup and getting a chasedown in the process. If you're a smaller guard, your best bet is to chuck up a shot, then run back on the break and try to hold L2(LT) around the middle of the 3PT line in hopes of getting ''Fastbreak well defended''.

Extender: 75 assists in streetball courts or affiliation games. Very easy and simple one. The best method is to pick the shortest player from the bosses (Disco), put him on one of your Streetball bosses you already recruited, then just run PnR against him and keep throwing lobs. But you should have no problem getting this by just playing as well, if you're in no rush.

Minimizer: complete the ''art of shooting facility'' challenges. If you're an inside player, you can choose ''mid-range'' and just run from the spot and do a layup. It will count as a shot made.

Juice: Complete the Donovan Mitchell challenge.

And then you will have unlocked the accelerator perk in NBA 2K24.

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