Where to find Ronnie2K in the neighborhood? (Rebirth) [2K23 Next Gen]

Rebirth 2K23 Next Gen

To get rebirth in NBA 2K23 this year on the PS5/XBOX Series X/S game version, you need to find Ronnie in four separate locations around the city. Fear not, as we are here to help you.

In the name of not wasting anyone's time, we've compiled all four locations into one image with clear markings, look at it below:

If you wish to know more about the rebirth quest, or for some reason cannot access the picture, below is a detailed view of every location as well as the requirements needed to access it:

Location 1 (65 OVR):

The first location rewards you with a not-so-good fashion choice of a shirt with Ronnie's face on it. To claim the reward, your player must be 65 overall. Ronnie is standing next to the Northside Knights station (to the left of it). By a dumpster with a bright pink hoodie. 

Location 2 (75 OVR):

Once you reach 75 overall, find Ronnie by the Finders Keepers shop (east of the West Mall station). This reward is one of the best rewards you will get in this challenge. You will be able to choose your spawn points around the city. To choose your new spawn location, simply open the map and select one of the available locations. (You can change it any time you'd like).

Location 3 (88 OVR):

Make your way back to the North Station (west of Northside Knights). Ronnie is northeast of the station, standing underneath a large 2K Sports sign. If you're 88 overall, you will be granted the ability to run around the city without a shirt on!

Location 4 (90 OVR):

The best is here! Rebirth! Head to the Southcity Vipers' part of the town, and you will find Ronnie sitting next to the entrance to their ''park''. He is standing underneath a big wooden sign. Once you spoken to him, if your player is 90 overall or higher, you will unlock the Rebirth feature.

What does Rebirth do?

Rebirth is one of the essential NBA 2K23 MyCareer features. If you wish to make a new player, and have unlocked rebirth, your player's overall cap will start at 90 instead of 85 (you will still need to spend VC to upgrade). As well as 25 of  the badges you choose when creating your player will be already unlocked, skipping about 30-40% of the grind towards your max badges.

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