Beginner's Guide to OSRS (2023)

Beginner's Guide to OSRS (2023)

What is OSRS?

OSRS is a MMORPG game released in 2013 February which rolled back the game's (Runescape) Version to 2007. (hence the nickname 07Scape). Filled with nostalgia, monsters, quests, adventures and more - OSRS really takes MMORPG to the absolute next level!

How do I get started?

You simply go to, sign up, download the official game client and log in!

Tutorial Island

Tutorial island is where you will end up after you register your account and sign in. There you can choose the name and the look of your character. Afterwards the tutor guides will walk you through the basics of the game. Notable things to know: the Ironman mode, the Fresh Start Worlds & Group Ironman mode.

  • Ironman mode - you stand alone. You will not be able to trade other players or participate in group activities, made for true MMORPG fanatics
  • Fresh Start Worlds - same as normal worlds, except everyone starts fresh!
  • Group Ironman mode - you stand alone.. sort of. Well, in a group with friends, but no one else!

So after you're done checking out those modes, you can either choose to become a normal, main world player or choose any of the other modes.

I'm in Lumbridge, now what?

Even though OSRS is free to play, and offers plenty of adventure to both - the free to play and pay to play players, we strongly advise, buying the 14 day membership package from Jagex for $7.99(alternatively, you can purchase it by clicking here for $2.40) as that unlocks plenty of new content including multiple new skills such as Hunter, Agility, Farming & many more. 

Skills? What are those?

I'm sure the tutors taught you a little bit, but there is more than 20 skills in the game that serve different purposes, and are levelled in different ways in OSRS. Some of them will help you make money, some of them will cost a lot of money to level. Some will unlock new gear, new methods of acquiring supplies, some will give you better food to eat, but in the end - all are extremely useful and serve their purpose.

Money? How do I make money in OSRS?

First, let's introduce you to the Grand Exchange, or GE as we, OSRS enjoyers, call it. That's the main trading place for OSRS players. You will not need to interact player to player, or haggle. Prices are set (or rough idea of them), and you just throw up an offer, and a player on the other side of the world can buy your item. Or sell you an item, all automated, cool, right?! Grand Exchange is located in the heart of RuneScape - Varrock! Where tens of quests, minigames, mini-quests, and other adventures await you. But to trade on Grand Exchange, you will either need items to sell, or money, to buy items! And how do you get those?

Best money making OSRS low level player:

The ways to make money in OSRS as a low level player are very limited, you can do skilling activities such as woodcutting which can net you up to 120 thousand gold per hour, you can collect various items such as Red Spider Eggs which can net you up to 300 thousand gold per hour, you can collect items in the wilderness(beware, you can be killed in the wilderness) such as steel platebodies which can net you upwards of 250 thousand per hour. Or alternatively you can work any job in real life, go here and spend a couple of bucks for millions of gold, within 15 minutes of ordering!

What else is there to do?

We recommend checking out these quests:

  • For P2P: Waterfall quest (10-20 minutes, will level up your attack & strength to 30)
  • For F2P: Cooks Assistant' quest
  • For F2P: Romeo & Juliet' quest 

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