Corrupted Gauntlet Guide for Beginners

Corrupted Gauntlet Guide for Beginners

Full Corrupted Gauntlet Guide

To access Corrupted Gauntlet, you need to complete Songs of the Elves! 

However, we also recommend to having these stats as well:

  • 85 Magic
  • 80 Ranged
  • 70 Defence
  • 45+ Prayer

How to get there?

Corrupted Gauntlet is located in the Elves' city of Priffdinas, quickest way to get there is a redirection scroll > using it on a house teleport then teleporting. Elves teleports also work well!

What do I need to fight Corrupted Gauntlet?

Besides the stats mentioned above, all you need is 1 (normal) Gauntlet KC to be able to take on Corrupted Gauntlet! You don't need any gear or anything else, everything will be provided inside the Gauntlet itself.


Resource gathering phase:

Once you enter the gauntlet, you will be met with a resource gathering phase where you will need to fish, cut trees, fight monsters & demi-bosses to upgrade your gear. You will be given 7:30 to prepare for the final boss fight. We suggest fishing and cooking at least 16 foods, as well as making 3+ potions preparing for the battle. Your gear recommendation depends on the fight style you decide to take:

5:1 method:

The fastest, however also the hardest to master method is the 5:1 method. In this case you only need either a mage weapon or a range weapon. The idea is to hit Hunllef 5 times with your main weapon and on the 6th hit simply hit him with your barefist, so that he changes prayer to melee, and you can continue fighting him with your main weapon. For this method you will only need 1 Tier 3 weapon, however it is very hard to master.

2 Tier 3 methods:

The most convenient/easiest way to fight the Hunllef is to use Tier 3 Ranged and Magic weapons and simply switch between them. I suggest doing this for some casual, simple CG runs!

Whichever method you decide on, you need to know these boss mechanics before you proceed to the fight:

Hunllef mechanics:

  • Hunllef will have a random prayer enabled before the fight starts, you will be able to tell the prayer before you even enter the boss room, thus helping you choose your 1st weapon wisely
  • His first attack will always be ranged style, and he will change these styles every 4 attacks.
  • He has two special attacks through-out the fight:
    • Prayer Disabling: When attacking with magic he has the ability to turn your protection prayers off. Highly recommended to have your quick prayers to protect from magic.
    • Tornadoes: He can summon up to 4 tornadoes, that the player needs to dodge or he will end up taking a huge amount of damage (this is the most important part fighting Hunllef)
  • The floor in the room will light up at random times, standing on these lit-up squares will cause the player to take damage

Corrupted Gauntlet rewards:

CG is one of the best money making methods in OSRS in 2023. At max stats and 97 herblore you can make up to 5m gp/h. At lower stats you can expect 2-3.5M gp/h assuming you have at least 78 herblore.

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