Complete 1-99 Fishing Guide for OSRS

Complete 1-99 Fishing Guide for OSRS

Hello, fellow scapers!

Today we’ll discuss, one of the most popular skills and the fastest, as well as the most profitable ways of reaching 99 on the said skill – fishing.

Crucial knowledge:

Anglers outfit

if you’re planning to get 99 fishing, a good starting point would be to acquire the anglers’ outfit from the Fishing Trawler Minigame or by doing Aerial fishing.

It takes only 30 minutes to an hour to get the outfit from the fishing trawler and will save you roughly 6.5 hours of gameplay time on the way to 99.

The outfit grants a 2.5% XP boost in the fishing department and is a requirement for fishing minnows in the fishing guild, which is the most profitable fishing activity, ranging from 400k gp per hour to 620k gp per hour depending on your fishing level and the cost of sharks at the time.

Dragon Harpoon

if you’re looking to harpoon-afk your way through fishing levels, acquiring the dragon harpoon, or the infernal version of the said item is crucial.

It works the same way a dragon or infernal axe would, however requires certain levels, for the dragon version, you need 61 fishing and 60 attack to wield.

The Infernal variant of the item, requires 75 fishing and 85 cooking to wield, however is a good way to gain free cooking XP while on your way to that fishing skill cape.

Admiral pie

if you want to access fishing guild, be it for the banking capabilities or else, a good start would be buying an admiral pie which boosts your fishing level by 5.

Level 1-99 comprehensive guide

Levels 1 to 24: Sea Slug quest

If you possess level 30 firemaking, we strongly recommend to complete the Sea Slug quest, which grants you level 24 fishing and saves hours of time.

The quest takes roughly 10-15 minutes, and saves you up to 2 hours of early-game fishing.

Levels 1 to 20: Shrimps & Anchovy (Small Net Fishing)

If you wish to level it manually, you should grab a small fishing net, and head to the Lumbridge swamp.

There you will find a fishing spot by the river separating Lumbridge and Al-Kharid.

Go ahead and use your fishing net there, slowly working your way up to level 20 fishing.

At level 15, you will start catching anchovies which will speed up the process significantly, yet it will still take some time.

Levels 20 to 58: Trout & Salmon (Fly Fishing)

At level 20, start stocking up on feathers and buy a fly fishing rod.

This is by far the best method for fishing, even up to 99 if you’re F2P, and 58 if you’re P2P.

Head to the Barbarian Village next to Edgeville/Varrock, start fishing and dropping the fish.Alternatively you can bank at Edgeville (not recommended).

If you’re P2P and have completed the Shilo Village quest, we suggest using the Shilo Village fishing spots. Expect up to 35,000 XP per hour (starting at around 16,000 XP per hour at level 20).

Level 58 to 99: Barbarian Fly Fishing.

At level 58, you will unlock the ability to catch leaping salmon at the barbarian training grounds located next to the Barbarian Assault. The fastest way to get there is using the Games Necklace to the BA, and running.

Complete the necessary steps in the barbarian training to get a barbarian fishing rod, have some feathers and good luck on your fishing journey.

Leaping trout, salmon, and sturgeon (unlocked at level 70) are not worth anything and will not sell, so we advise you to drop it.

This is by far the fastest way to reach level 99 fishing without much hassle.
As an added bonus, you will be receiving agility and strength experience as you do this, allowing you to work towards other max levels in OSRS.

If you wish to speed up this process by up to 40%, I suggest taking a look at our 3-ticking guide, introducing you to an advanced concept of OSRS, which will come in handy in multiple tasks.




OSRS 1-99 P2P Fishing Guide while making money:

Level 62 to 82: Catching Monkfish (160k gp per hour)

You can realistically start making money with fishing at level 62 by catching Monkfish after the completion of Swan Song quest.


Level 82 to 99: Catching Minnows (400k to 600k gp per hour)

Fishing minnows is by far the most money per hour using fishing in OSRS, and unlike the monkfish method, minnows actually provide a very good XP per hour rate.

The main downside being, that fishing minnows is no easy task (it’s not AFK).
After fishing minnows, you can exchange them for raw sharks (40:1).

Fishing Minnows is much higher profit than fishing sharks, and it can only be done at the fishing guild with the full angler outfit equipped.



F2P Fishing:

Honestly, just follow the first two steps in this guide – anchovies then barbarian fishing. But, to be quite frank, I wouldn’t waste time on F2P, and if you cannot afford the Jagex’s membership (11$ per month), you can buy bonds straight from rProGP for $2.4 per 2 weeks of membership. Check it out here!

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