Complete 1 to 99 Herblore Guide OSRS (Fast / Cheap)

Complete 1 to 99 Herblore Guide OSRS (Fast / Cheap)

Hello, fellow scapers!

Herblore is one of the fastest skills that can be trained to 99 extremely quickly, but it’s very costly ranging up to 20 GP per XP. We have compiled both the fastest and cheapest methods for Herblore, so that each person reading can choose what suits their needs.

Crucial knowledge:

Druidic Ritual is a quest required to start training Herblore.

Amulet of chemistry: 
using this amulet, grants you a 5% chance of getting an extra dose when making a potion (making potions are in 3 doses, when wearing it, you should get 1 extra potion that comes in 4 doses every 20 potions).

These amulets come with 5 charges on them, and after 5 potions the amulet depletes.

Make sure that you check that the amulet’s value isn’t more than the 5 x extra poison dose of you’ll be making, so you’re not losing money.



Fastest OSRS Herblore way to 99


Level 3 – 38 (Attack Potions): 60,000 XP per hour (Total cost to 38 – 100K)

Level 38 – 63 (Prayer Potions): 210,000 XP per hour (Total cost to 63 – 3M)

Level 63 – 90 (Super Restore): 350,000 XP per hour (Total cost to 90 – 72M)

Level 90 to 99 (Super Combat): 300,000 XP per hour (Total cost 99 – 38M)

Total cost – 113M


Cheap alternative:


Attack potions: all the way to 99 will only cost you 20-26M in total (depending on the potions and herb prices at the time, and whether you will insta sell or leave the potions in to sell).

Cleaning herbs: Cleaning herbs all the way to 99 can make you some money, however is very tedious and takes a long time.

Making unfinished potions: Making unfinished potions doesn’t grant you any experience towards your level, however it’s a good way to make a couple hundred gp per hour, considering they’re very high in demand.




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