Phantom Muspah - Complete Guide (Money Making & Ironmen)

Phantom Muspah - Complete Guide (Money Making & Ironmen)

What is Phantom Muspah?

Phantom Muspah is a boss that is unlocked to fight after the quest ‘’Secrets of the North’’, allowing players to fight a stronger version of the boss than the one they encountered during the quest.

Why should I kill Phantom Muspah?

For normal players, the boss provides decent gp per hour and a chance of acquiring a very unique pet. However, the real benefiters of this boss (in short PM or Muspah), are the ironmen for whom the boss provides a huge amount of supplies and a unique drop worth pursuing.

How do I get to Phantom Muspah?

Phantom Muspah resides in Weiss, the quickest ways to reach it is:

  • Using an Icy Basalt and going through the gap in the fence.
  • Using the Weiss teleport in the portal chamber or portal nexus of a player-owned house
  • The fairy code DKS then reaching Larry’s boat just north-east of Rellekka.

How to fight Phantom Muspah?

Muspah has three forms – ranged, melee or shielded. The Muspah will spawn in either ranged or melee form – you will need to pray depending on his form.

The boss will have 2 special attacks lined up during the normal phase. If it spawns in the ranged form, prepare for lightning clouds, if it spawns in the melee form, get ready to deal with the homing spikes.

Lighting clouds – Muspah will start teleporting around the room, leaving behind lightning clouds that travel across the area.

To avoid this attack, you will need to stand on a specific tile highlighted below:

Make sure you don’t stand on the tile before the special attack, to ensure that the tile doesn’t get hit with the spikes.

Homing spikes – the Muspah will slam the ground, causing 2-4 spikes to home in on the player. After 15-25 seconds, the spikes harden and remain in place.

Players can stand behind hardened spikes or icicles to avoid the homing spikes from reaching them if there’s more than one spike grouped together.

Shielded Phase

After getting the PM down to less than 150 HP, he will teleport to the centre of the room and unleash a massive shockwave that engulfs the entire room. Players must stand behind the spikes to avoid the wave or they will be dealt up to 80 damage.

Once PM finished the attack, he will change to a shielded form, activating a prayer shield and Soul Split, as well as increasing the lethality of his attack.

The prayer shield has 75 HP and is drained by 2 after each attack. The Muspah will also heal itself for 50% of the damage done, rounded down to the nearest whole number. For example, if you deal 33 damage, it will heal itself for 16.

The best way to combat this phase is to use prayer draining sources, such as Smite, or ancient mace.

When using Smite, make sure you’re attacking on a different tick than the Phantom Muspah, to ensure that it’s attacks can be prayed against.

Using a crossbow with enchanted sapphire bolts or enchanted sapphire dragon bolts is highly recommended, as they are the best way to get through the prayer shield.

Unlike the previous forms, shielded phase’s delay between the magic and ranged attacks is significantly smaller, thus be prepared to pray accordingly.

Once the shield is depleted, the Muspah will return to its ranged form and create a large number of spikes (including one directly under the player), before resuming combat as normal. The spikes will emerge every four attacks and cover more tiles, growing from existing clusters of spikes.


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