Vorkath Guide for Beginners [2023]

Vorkath Guide for Beginners [2023]

What is Vorkath?

Vorkath is one of the most profitable bosses for OSRS in 2023. Earning upwards of 3.5M gold per hour, the money dragon can be very rewarding for the most grindy players! Keep in mindthat to access Vorkath, you need to have completed Dragon Slayer II, which requires 200+ quest points and more. However, if you possess these features, read further!

Recommended Stats:

  • 85+ Ranged (Ranged method)
  • 90+ Melee (Melee method)
  • 75+ Defence
  • 74+ Prayer (Ranged method)
  • 82+ Construction (Ornate rejuvenation pool)

How to get there?

The easiest way to get there is by travelling to the Lunar Isle and talking to a resident without a seal, to teleport you to the docks in Rellekka.

What gear do I need?

(Ranged method)

- Ranged voids
- Salve amulet (ei)
- Ava's assembler/accumulator
- Dragon Hunter Crossbow
- Dragonfire ward/Anti-dragon shield
- Ruby/Diamond dragon bolts
- Pegasion/Blessed boots
- Archers ring (i)
- 1x anti-venom+, 3-4x super restores, 1x divine bastion potion, 1x extended super antifire, food/rune pouch

(Melee method)

- Full Torva Armour (or Bandos, if you cannot afford Torva)
- Salve amulet (ei)
- Dragon Hunter Lance
- Avernic/dragon defender
- Rada's Blessing 4
- Ferocious/Barrows gloves
- Primordial/Dragon boots
- Berserker ring(i)
- Dragon claws (special attack)
- 1x anti-venom+, 3-4x super restores, 1x super combat potion, rune pouch/food

Vorkath attacks:

Upon awakening, Vorkath's attack pattern consists of six random standard attacks, one special attack, six random attacks, then the other special attack and so on until defeated. During the fight, players are recommended to always maintain at least a super antifire potion and protect from magic, or a regular antifire potion and a dragonfire protection shield.

Acid Pool Quickfire Barrage:

Vorkath spits many poison pools over the area, whilst also spitting fire at you. To completely avoid this phase you can simply turn off run energy and walk around making sure you don't stop as you will take damage fast.

Zombified Ice Dragonfire:

Vorkath freezes the player and spawns a small zombified face hugger, you MUST use crumble undead to quickly kill it before it reaches you and explodes.

Deadly Dragonfire Attack:

Occasionally Vorkath will shoot a large mortar like fireball from the sky, you must quickly move 2 tiles away from where it is landing or you will be instantly killed.


To bank, it is recommended to use house teleports and a Lunar Isle teleport within your home to get to the bank, then talk to the other banker when you're done re-gearing and end up back in Rellekka after being kicked out of the Lunar Isles, right next to the canoe that takes you to Vorkath. 


Killing Vorkath can be extremely rewarding, netting anywhere between 1.75M to 3.5M gold per hour depending on your stats, efficiency, method used & gear used, that is exactly why Vorkath is one of the most popular bosses in the game right now or even all time. However, it doesn't come close to another end-game boss, that can net you up to 6M gold per hour (Corrupted Gauntlet), for which you can check out our guide here: Corrupted Gauntlet Guide for Beginners

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